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17 September 2006 @ 08:34 pm
Hi there!n_n
Name-Ariane.but I do prefer my username
Age- 14
Location- Qubec-Canada
How I Got Into Lolita- It was both with Visual kei ( Malice mizer, Dir en Grey) and when my friend showed e the''Goth'' in japan. I was 11.My first try was....not SO great ,fuckable but still better than a lot XD. I was...12 or 13.
Favorite brand: Métamorphose temps de fille ,Angelic pretty, putumayo ,ect. I love almost all the brands.



They are a little old (july) but i'm lazy and don't have any new ones

Thank you~

17 September 2006 @ 04:22 pm
I just wanted to thank everyone who's joined ♥ Hopefully we can make this community great!
17 September 2006 @ 01:30 pm
Hello there! I guess I'll make my intro post.
Name-Kristen aka Haruka
Age- 20
Location- West Michigan
How I Got Into Lolita- I went to Acen 05 and saw a few gothic lolitas and decided I wanted to dress like that, ran to Ebay, got some GLBs and a Lolita Sewing book (both of which I cannot find right now... still moving stuff...) but haven't created anything yet.
Favorite brand: BTSSB

Sorry I have no pics of me in lolita wear. Nothing to wear yet, no camera, and no money... *tear*